Tuesday, April 2, 2019

[UPDATE] Animations incoming

Just a quick video to share with you guys. We have started work on animating all the animals and guests in the game. This will be a lengthy process converting all the sprites to an animated format due to having to make the animations and then programming in the animations to the game.

Monday, March 18, 2019

[NEWS] Latest Updates

I am currently fine tuning the game based on your feedback. Please e-mail me at support@drennansoftware.com with your suggestions or post your comment on this Reddit post.

My main priority at the moment is upgrading the game engine  (Phaser 3.12.0) to the latest Phaser version (3.16.2). The latest Phaser version brings many new features which I could add and allows myself to re-look existing features and improve on them, such as a true full screen mode and ability to disallow portrait mode gameplay on mobile devices. This will be somewhat of a lengthy process to the the sheer amount of changes made to the engine. As soon as I upgraded the engine, many features stopped working or broke entirely. I want to spend as much time as possible ensuring all bugs are removed before being pushed to the live version.

Also, thanks to Reddit user, Heartskittens, who advised the Online Zoo Builder website was not secure due to the website using http protocol, rather than https. Within 24 hours, I was able to convert the website to https, along with every other website I host.

I would also like to highlight some coming features and changes. Instead of purchasing in-game animals for your zoo, I will release all assets for free and support the game via in-game and outside the game advertising, which will be non-intrusive. I will continue to sell in-game currency and food. I will also be adding a sandbox game mode and improving the lawn mower minigame. I'm also in the process of looking for an artist to create a better starting menu for the game.

These are main priorities as of now and will continue to keep you all updated. Your feedback is important to me and I really do appreciate any I can get! Thank you!

If anyone is interested in helping code or design assets, please e-mail at the aforementioned address. Thank you!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

[NEWS] Online Zoo Builder Remastered

Online Zoo builder is a FREE to play online zoo building game that can be played anywhere! Play using your Apple, Android, or computer. Collaborate with your friends and build your ultimate dream zoo, discover and purchase new animals and attractions to keep your guests happy, and manage your zoo to ensure profitability. Updated weekly with new animals, tiles, and attractions! Do you have what it takes to build the zoo of your dreams?

Created using Phaser 3.10.1. Online Zoo Builder has online components that allow players to save multiple zoos to their online profile, share their creation with friends, purchase virtual currency, items, and extra content. I'm interested in seeking a sponsor for an exclusive license. Check out some alpha gameplay videos below.

This is not the final game. This is still a work in progress. You will see grass overgrowing and animals going hungry quickly. This was for testing purposes. Some graphics and gameplay elements are still being worked on.

Players can also add animals to a farm and plants to a greenhouse.

Once the player is finished mowing the lawn, all grass will be cut in the zoo; removing all overgrown grass.

If animals are not fed, it will first show the thought bubble with a chicken to warn the player. After sometime, the animal will go rogue, and the player will be forced to shoot the animal.

Showing how to feed animals. Food is generated at factories, which the player will have to click on to collect. Money is also generated on enclosures and buildings, which the player will have to collect.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


**Added 19 new sprites to Online Zoo Builder for your enjoyment!!**

****FREE and PREMIUM sprites included in update!!****

Saturday, December 15, 2012


*Major Changes*
-Fences no longer have a white background, the user can change the tile pieces lying within the fence boundaries to better decorate their park.
-Fences can no longer be placed freely on the map. Fences are locked into divisible by 32 coordinates, so terrain can be placed nicely inside of it.
-Animals will not continually get hungry, and go berserk. When the animal starts to get hungry, you will be warned, but feed the animal fast! As it will go berserk!

*Minor Improvement*
-The user can no longer place a tile on the same tile type. This is to prevent the user from wasting money.
-Removed text that explains each icon when advertisement is open.
-When the user goes into sniper mode, the text advertisement on GUI is removed.
-Removed helpful hints that loaded up once game starts.
-Facebook fix: When user has no friends that play, app will tell you and offer a link to share the game with your friends.
-Fixed bug that allowed player to receive xp for placing objects that failed.
-Fixed bug that created random fences on the top left corner of map.
-Fixed bug that didn't allow xp bar to update properly.

We are back to work on Online Zoo Builder. Expect more updates to come! Sorry about the hiatus! Enjoy the coming updates :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

[NEWS] Looking for testers, moderators, and more!


Were looking for anyone interested in being apart of the Online Zoo Builder testing/moderator (If you like) team! We need help figuring out how to make the game more immersible, interesting, and strategic to play! I really need help and I thought I would ask my fellow city building loving gamers!

Anyone is welcome, regardless of age or experience in gaming. When the game is complete you will be eligible to be a game moderator and beta tester of all the features to come to the game as we progress. Were looking for any kind of help, moderator, tester, artist, programmer, or anything that falls between! If your interested in working on a city building game, please e-mail me [matt@drennansoftware.com] or respond to this post with your support! We will communicate on the Online Zoo Builder Forum as we work on the game. I look forward to hearing from your all!

Put this in your forum sig to support the game!


In other news...

Welcome to v.0.1.0:

-Fixed Facebook registration, so user does not have to refresh page manually
-Added XP when placing tiles
*Game Improvement*
-Clean entire park and mow entire park for price option. If your park gets messy, instead of playing minigames you can pay upwards of $75,000 to fix your zoo up.
-When an animal is hungry, they will become enraged and attempt to escape your zoo. If they succeed at escaping their enclosure they must be terminated by the player. When they are hungry no new guests will visit your zoo and your park rating will be reduced to 1.
*Bug Fixes*
-Rating system was too hard to improve the park, we fixed the system so the player can easily gain more than 1 star, but harder to gain 5 stars.
-Fences array is now dynamic (Determines how many animals reside in a given fence or object), filling in game data on the fly, instead of loading from database. Loading data from the database was inefficient and buggy.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

[UPDATE] New minigame/mechanic

DANGER! Animals can now escape their enclosures! When an animal in your zoo gets hungry, it will go into rage and attempt to escape its enclosure. When the animal escapes, the player will be alerted to the danger and will have to take down the animal with a sniper rifle. We are still working on this feature and trying to balance it with the rest of the game, but while we do that, why not give it a try? Just wait for one of your animals to get hungry and break out!