Saturday, December 15, 2012


*Major Changes*
-Fences no longer have a white background, the user can change the tile pieces lying within the fence boundaries to better decorate their park.
-Fences can no longer be placed freely on the map. Fences are locked into divisible by 32 coordinates, so terrain can be placed nicely inside of it.
-Animals will not continually get hungry, and go berserk. When the animal starts to get hungry, you will be warned, but feed the animal fast! As it will go berserk!

*Minor Improvement*
-The user can no longer place a tile on the same tile type. This is to prevent the user from wasting money.
-Removed text that explains each icon when advertisement is open.
-When the user goes into sniper mode, the text advertisement on GUI is removed.
-Removed helpful hints that loaded up once game starts.
-Facebook fix: When user has no friends that play, app will tell you and offer a link to share the game with your friends.
-Fixed bug that allowed player to receive xp for placing objects that failed.
-Fixed bug that created random fences on the top left corner of map.
-Fixed bug that didn't allow xp bar to update properly.

We are back to work on Online Zoo Builder. Expect more updates to come! Sorry about the hiatus! Enjoy the coming updates :)