Friday, May 31, 2019

[UPDATE] Latest Patch

We are almost ready to release the latest version of Online Zoo Builder. Here are the current changes that have been added to the live game for you to try:

-Added billboard (scenery)
-Added table (scenery)
-Added bench (scenery)

-Changed research building management. You can now use the research building to unlock bonuses at level 10. You can get double money, extra zoo tokens, mow the lawn and clean paths less perk, and produce extra food. In-game money required to obtain and takes a week to research (requires over a million dollars in-game money currently).

-Added missions, click the paw print on the left hand side to get started! Missions are updated every hour and provide rewards when completed.

-Updated the mower to move faster. Hitting 2 flowers will result with a loss, and maps are randomly generated

-Added images and animations for lawn and clean up mini game

-Fixed scene bug which would cause the game to crash after switching scenes

-Redid tutorial from scratch due to game engine upgrade and several changes to basic features. Tutorial is more extensive than before

-Fixed bugs with lawnmower and clean path mini-games

-Added orientation check to the game. If you try to play the game in portrait mode, it will direct you to rotate your phone to landscape

-Zoo size was limited. Player can pay to unlock the additional size

-Improved how timers work in game

-Added full screen button

-Fixed bug when a building would produce money, it would corrupt the money value

-Made the game play in real time, now when you come back to the game, your zoo will produce money, produce litter, and grow grass while you are gone

-Improved guest AI.
-If a guest enters a building, their state is saved in the building
-Guests will not enter a building until it is finished being placed and built
-Guests will enter a building if it is positioned next to a path
-Guests are now more likely to travel paths they haven’t been before

-Improved park rating system

-Fixed daily reward. It now works properly

We are currently working on improving the website side of the game and creating a downloadable version. Let us know what you think ☺️

NOTICE: All games have been reset and all accounts will be deleted this week. You need to create a new account if you are unable to login due to major changes with the account system.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

[QUICK] Coming soon...

We have taken into account your suggestions and are almost ready to release our next version of the game. This should bring us into the beta stage of development. Here is a list of features added:

  • All animals and guests are fully animated
  • All text buttons (EX: [PLAY]) have been converted to images
  • Added vet building
  • Implemented animal health. When an animals health falls below 30, the player must build or have a vet building. Once built, the player can click on the animal, and then press the send to vet button. Once the animal is at the vet, it will take some time for the animal to regain its health. Once the animals health is fully restored, the player can send the animal back to the enclosure.
  • Updated GUI menu with new images and icons
  • Added Zoo Tokens
  • Changed the way buildings and fences are placed in the game world. Now when a player builds an object, it takes some time for it to be built. The player can use zoo tokens to speed this up. Below is a screenshot of what this looks like

  • Added scenery. You can now decorate your zoo with trees, lights, and trash cans. This can be seen below

  • When an animal gets hungry, the food button will be highlighted and flash to notify the player

Coming soon below...

All the above are completed and ready to go. I would release this version of the game to the public, but I have a few more things I want to add and refine before I do. Firstly, the tutorial has to be redone from scratch, as it is completely broken due to all the new menus and systems in place.

Secondly, I want to add the following to the game before I release the next version:

  • Goals - Players get rewarded for every milestone they make, such as having a certain amount of animals, money, buildings, etc. Similar to an achievement system.
  • Missions - Players will be tasked with missions, such as completing tasks in a certain amount of time, dealing with aggressive animals, cleaning up their zoo, and etc. I plan to have missions fully voice acted, but do not plan to release voice acting with the next update.
  • Missions and goals will earn the player zoo tokens and zoo tokens will be able to be purchased on the Online Zoo Builder Shop