Saturday, July 7, 2018

[NEWS] Online Zoo Builder Remastered

Online Zoo builder is a FREE to play online zoo building game that can be played anywhere! Play using your Apple, Android, or computer. Collaborate with your friends and build your ultimate dream zoo, discover and purchase new animals and attractions to keep your guests happy, and manage your zoo to ensure profitability. Updated weekly with new animals, tiles, and attractions! Do you have what it takes to build the zoo of your dreams?

Created using Phaser 3.10.1. Online Zoo Builder has online components that allow players to save multiple zoos to their online profile, share their creation with friends, purchase virtual currency, items, and extra content. I'm interested in seeking a sponsor for an exclusive license. Check out some alpha gameplay videos below.

This is not the final game. This is still a work in progress. You will see grass overgrowing and animals going hungry quickly. This was for testing purposes. Some graphics and gameplay elements are still being worked on.

Players can also add animals to a farm and plants to a greenhouse.

Once the player is finished mowing the lawn, all grass will be cut in the zoo; removing all overgrown grass.

If animals are not fed, it will first show the thought bubble with a chicken to warn the player. After sometime, the animal will go rogue, and the player will be forced to shoot the animal.

Showing how to feed animals. Food is generated at factories, which the player will have to click on to collect. Money is also generated on enclosures and buildings, which the player will have to collect.