Friday, June 14, 2019

[UPDATE] v.1.0 Released

We are proud to announce version 1.0 is released and Online Zoo Builder is no longer in early access! The game is still a work in progress and we need your feedback! We are fixing bugs and issues as we go along, while creating new content. E-mail us at with your suggestions and bug reports. All accounts and games prior to v.1.0 have been deleted due to major changes to the system.

Here are some new updates in v.1.0:
  • Dinosaurs now spawn in eggs
  • Improved desktop and mobile website
  • Fixed various bugs and issues, especially with explore mode
 **We are also proud to announce our version 1.0 celebration contest! Whoever can make the best looking zoo by July 14th will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!**

Online Zoo Builder Developers will be the judge for the best zoo and we will transfer the winnings over to the winner via e-mail. Be sure to put a lot of animals, scenery, buildings, and enclosures in your zoo to get an upper edge on the contest. We will announce the winner on our social media pages and this blog.

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